Town Tramp........

I come from a small town in Georgia...a very small town in the heart of redneck country.  Up until now, I was always known as a sweet, unassuming, I'm known as the town (that I left) tramp who ran off to be with a man she met on the internet.  I say " **** em all"!!!!!!

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Indeed, baliloop...and that is why i've moved to my new state with my new fiance, was the right thing for me...

well tgsldy- here's a hard lession for ya- there are haters everywhere! Bottem line hasnt changed though- its YOUR life, live it the way you want :D

Thanks, toddlin..but , I'm no longer in that small town..although the people there have worse opinion of me than ever. I've moved several hundreds of mile to the north with my a much bigger town..

HI there,<br />
i'm living in a small town in victoria australia. I waned to give you some advice-in my opinion after being unlucky enough to live in small towns in nz and australia. Small town people are a bunch of nosy m/fs whose lives revolve around gossiping aboute people they don't know. Nothing a kick in the head wouldn't fix mind you. <br />
But i do agree that i can be hard living in a place like that-make friends with people who are new to the place <br />
regards<br />

Thanks,cedricsmom.....we really didn't have much hubby found out about the affair, and it was either save the marriage and give up Bruce, or come to him. I really couldn't bear to give him here I am in Louisiana with the man of my dreams!!!!!!!<br />
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Penny Webb ;-D

I met a man on the internet, and if he asked I'd turn my world upside down for him, so I can certainly understand your willingness to walk away from everything for "the one" Congratulations.

Analyzer...whew!!!! You scared me there for a moment!!!!!I love ya, chickie...but not enough to drive off a cliff....that being taken care of....let's have at it!!!! No one I'd rather do it with!!!!!!!<br />
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Penny Webb ;-)

Thank you so much Wilber999!!!!! <br />
Baliloop, I already knew that Bruce was "the one".....I've never been with someone so open and so willing to be madly in love , with all that that entails. I applaud your courage in trying for what you needed!!!!<br />
ANEWME....A person after my own I said "**** them all"!!!!! I also did what was right until my kids were's the time for Penny to get the love and intimacy she's craved her whole life....and it's even better than I could've possibly imagined!!!!!!<br />
I really appreciate all the support I've gotten...thank you all so very, very much!!!!<br />
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Love and kisses,<br />
Penny Webb ;-D<br />

Good for you! Small town, small minds--we have to take care of ourselves at some point in our life--I am just finding that out for myself--and truth be told--other than my kids--don't care what anyone else thinks. I did what was right--now it's my turn.

you've got it right- even though I was (kinda...sorta...well, not really....) scared about making the move, I knew that if I didnt at least TRY I would always look back and wonder if he really was 'the ONE'

Actually, I was scared shitless....but was more afraid of not doing it!!!!!!!!<br />
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Penny Webb ;-)

I applaud you ladies for not being afraid to go for what you want in life. Far too many people have hangups about what others should do, when it's really not there place to intrude. Plus the fact that you weren't afraid to take a chance, and all too often so many women don't and miss out on the greatest experiences in their lives.

Thanks, baliloop!!!! We can use all the good wishes we can get!!!!!<br />
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Penny Webb :-)

hmmmm this sounds familure - I met my guy on myspace while he was deployed in Iraq... and during our online relationship, it was pretty much desided that I was going to drop everything in my life and move 3 hours away to when he got back.... we only met 2 times in person before I made the move, and EVERYONE in my life thought i was nuts.... they didnt think I was a **** or anything, jsut f'ing crasy. and ya know what- your right- ****'em all. Moving in with him was the best thing I could have done, and we couldnt be happier :) it takes allot of trust to do what you did, and the payoff can be worth it. its YOUR LIFE! you're the one that has to live it, not them :D<br />
much luck in all you do