I Only Look Innocent

i cant tell you how many people thought i was this sweet innocent little girl all the way up untill i got married. i know some friends of mine even thought i was still a virgin when in reality i lost that when i was 16 in a ********* outside in a pool in plain view of everyone. i think the best example is this story. my parents sent me away to school when i was 13. i went to my borading school all through highschool. there was this one teacher , yeah he was so hot and all the girls had a huge crush on him. well we started to run into each other all over campus and one day we were alone and starting making out . well he had the right mind to stop it before it went to far, but we still met everyday and had a little make out session. he kept asking me when i turned 18 . so on my b-day that year which was my senior year after dinner we met in his classroom and locked the door. Long story short 4hours later we went our own ways and i snuck back into my dorm room. well a week later his wife came poking around asking alot of question about if any of us had seen her husband with any other women. i didnt know he was married in my defense. a few days later a girl was kicked out of the school for having sex with her teacher , but they had the wrong girl. i know i should have taken the blame because she got punsihed for something i did but i was a senoir and didnt go to school in that hell hole for 4 years to get kicked out right before i was free. The girl swore it wasnt her and the headmaster almsot belived her but then she told him it was me. he refused to believe her becasue i was "too innocent to do such a thing" im not sure what it is about me but i get away with so much for this same reason lol
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I haven't read your storey and I will.<br />
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It's a self asteem thing, of which most of us have to deal with. You have every right to be you.

Headmaster was probably pissed because he wasn't the 'chosen one'. LOL<br />
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I personally think young men need older women to teach them. All one has to do is look at the clueless men in the world and see the need for that.<br />
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Young girls older men, because I do not want my daughter learning physics from a kid who is 15 nor driving from a kid who got his license last week.<br />
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But then we would likely have more happy marriages and the marriage counselors, divorce lawyers and the therapists for the kids caught up in the divorces would all have trouble finding work!