I went out looking for some fun, I miss the interaction. I wanted to find someone, not necessarily someone special but someone who could make my n ples ache, the muscles deep down inside me clench with anticipation. Some nights are hell alone this is why I went out.

I hooked up with friends that I knew would be there, they are always there. While we talked and laughed I wondered if they were aching deep within as well. We had a good time; there was no flirting with them. It’s hard to impress people that you know really well.

I occasionally scanned the bar, looking for a set of eyes that didn’t turn away from my glaze. I was subtly hunting, but for what? Sex? Nah, I really wanted was desire, I wanted to be wanted. I wanted to feel his lust. I wanted to be taken to a point where my hunger was so great that I would not be able to stop myself from getting on my knees before him and beg him to take me home. I wanted someone who would tell me no. I honestly was not looking for someone to go home with. I want to ache for something which I can’t have.

I longed again for a man in my life who would say no. The one that could make my n ples harden with just a casual glance and force my muscles to clench with just a word or two. I want to be played once more like a well-tuned instrument. No, more like a whole orchestra, bring forth responses from each part of my mind and body. To be used once again as a toy, to be pushed to the very edge and letting me dangle dangerously over, but that someone who would never let me fall always pulling me back. It’s the dance I crave and hunger for, not the ride home…..

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That's really intense.

awesome writings

Thank you......

wow, beautifully written.

btw I do play an instrument sometimes, my own. lol.

Thanks you...... mmmmm I like to play.... ~Wink~

Now U got me all thinking.

Not a bad thing I hope!!!!!!

I checked your profile. Everything there is good, very good actually. :)

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meet a very nice LADY who was looking for the very same thing. I was allowed to play her whole band and we had a great time,never saw her again ,we meet at the beach but it was GREAT