This Group Is Soooo Me!

Because I come from a specific culture and religious background, I'm supposed to be and act a certain way.. But I've done so many things that are considered bad.. and I still would!

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For you I pray that you find a man who understands, acou like and how you enjoy being mischeivous.cepts and desires you as you are. I would love to find a girl who was a believer in her faith, but still had fun being a girl and being naughty. A mixture is a wonderful thing if you know how to use that mixture. <br />
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I would like to hear more of what you enjoy, and your favorite ways of being mischeivous.

Sometimes we all need to let loose and not be tied down by religious/cultural expectations, as long as they aren't morally questionable, I say screw rules and HAVE FUN! m/<br />
After all, it's your life, you can live it however you want to.

@destiney24 yep, its all fun.. being good bad :p<br />
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@fungirlmmm it does make sense! very much because its the same with me! :)<br />
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@soma1971 hehe same here :)

I know what you mean. Everone thinks they know me but if they did... *blush*

I am "bad" too based on my upbringing but I was also raised to follow what I believe in so in my mind I am not really bad. Does that make sense?

yeah.. thank you! :)

Most religions and cultures are ideals if one acts every way in accordance with the rules....but remember Eve was supposed to be the first great sinner.........I am a pretty much golden oldie now ...but i am no saint i can assure you.and ....and i still have all those desire i had when much fact if everyone was honest i bet they would admit to doing many what you call bad cheer up