Brought Up

For the most part I'm a good girl. My parents did all the right things to ensure I would be:

Make me go to bed at nine until I left for college.
No parties.
No boys 'til 17.
Stress about grades until I got physically sick.
Help someone sad.
Help someone hurt.
Help someone just because I can.
Speak when you can contribute to a conversation.
Respect adults.
Make my own money to pay for myself.
Never a borrower nor a lender be.

I love my parents. They brought me up with every intention of having a perfect kid. I resent some of the things they made me do when I was younger, but a lot of the above ideas are really good. they made me into the kind of rare girl that's actually wholesome nowadays.
I'm not going to lie, I'm sometimes a little rebellious, but I'm an adult now in the sense that I am alone and away 340ish days out of the year. My choices can still be good ones though. My parents made sure of that.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

now that are good parents. Those are parents who care