Sometimes Too Good Hearted For My Own Well Beign

This gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes because I tend to give people chance after chance after chance to break my heart. I am learning not to do this with the help of my best friend. I let him be the bad guy a lot and I know that he doesn't like this role but it keeps me from getting my heart broken by people who just want to take advantage of me. Yes I tend to be a pushover sometimes but I had rather be this way than to never let a person into my heart again.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 10 Responses Sep 12, 2008

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You know whats sad? When your told, "Your a special person, and there aren't many people like you anymore." Thus people take advantage of me. So I feel for you. No one likes it, and it hurts that all is thought that friendship means take advantage.. You take care of yourself.

Hey Kinda... I love u dude Don't change a thing.

Good hearted, funny, caring, and the list goes on. People sometimes take advantage of my kindness too, but I don't let that stand in the way of helping others. I'm just more careful of who I help.

Butterfly, thanks girl that is why we are forever friends. Let them have your heart girl. you can't truly live without it. Just be cautious in the beginning and feel them out.

Johnny, thanks so much for that poem... I love it.... You are wonderful.

Fungirl you are a gem, thats from the heart,

You made me feel emotions right from the start

Love is not a game and you give all you got

Always searching for more ,not letting it rot

Please stay open and let the world feel your strength

You ideas and words have meaning, u go to any length

Your opinons on love, life and just about everything

I would like to thank you for the passion that you bring

So what I am saying,please dont change who you are

Because in my eyes and others you will always be a star.

Me too. My friends say im too nice.. Im a pushover, but im tryin to change that.. gets confusin so it's like i have one foot out the door, jst in case.. at least that way, i'll only get half hurt.. but then i wonder, am i really living wen im only letin half of me live, feel, and love? the other half i close off?

Proves your real...

Best to be positive in this world as there are oh so many negative people....

Sammy Jo xx

Thanks ladies. Both good points. i can't see my closing off completely. I just can't so I get hurt sometimes.

Nice sentiments there Felice! I'd second that but also add that It's also good to keep yourself open to be a living, breathing human being is what we should all strive for...

Sammy Jo Duponte xx

Jusst be careful, honey, I usually give people a second chance, but that's it! If you're a f-up twice...don't expect a third shot. It took me years to say "Quit Using Me". My love is complete, but not to be thrown out like a used tissue. ;)