Is It a Weakness ?

I am a very good hearted and natured person. For me being good to people and treating them right is fundamental.

I do wonder though, some people in my past have been nasty to me and treated me wrongly. My ex wife for example screwed me over and now uses me. I feel sorry for her as she has no family here and is broke. But she is manipualive and shrewed. My friends blast me for not cutting her away and for continually giving in to her and for allowing her to exploit me. I guess being good hearted can have a vulnerable side to it...what are your thoughts ?

voges voges
36-40, M
1 Response Sep 13, 2008

i know what you are saying. i have someone that i should not support because they run over me. i really feel that it is because of my self esteem. i just want to be liked.