Well, I Like to Think So

i try to never judge people too quickly, but there are times when i'll get an instant vibe from someone--either good or bad--and after i've gotten to know them, i'll often find that my instincts weren't far off. i believe in being open minded and giving people a chance, but if your gut is sending you red flags, it's doing so for a reason. i don't think anyone should ever ignore their own instincts.

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I think that it is have everyone. Should just want to feel other people.

I have always been able to judge people. I am a positive thinker and dont make my mind up about someone too quickly. For me its weird, its pretty much an instant understanding from their perspective. For example if someone stops me in the street I can usually tell immediately if they are going to try and sell me something, ask directions, be violent etc etc which gives me. Its always helped me in my job in sales as even when i talk to someone on the phone I can quickly grasp the kind of person they are and what makes them tick. I then adapt. Its always been a really handy thing. Its been tested quite a few times too. I have met someone and got on with them straight away and then confessed to why. They usually say, tell me something about me then. I will then tell them what I have learned in the short time and give them examples of what I would expect them to do in certain situations, how they think about certain things, how emotional they are all sorts but I am usually not looking at them while I do it as I am thinking. When I look at them they and whoever is with them is nodding saying its spot on. I have just got used to it. I think its a combination of things and probably mostly reading body language but its always right. If i dont get something straight away I just wait and it comes through later. <br />
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The weird thing is that about 6 months ago my dad randomly said "I am a great judge of character "and told me about the same in him. He then went on to tell me he got it from his Grandma. I then told him I can do it too. <br />
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I like being able to do it. Its always served me well.

ha, thanks for the advice! i know what you mean, i try never to ignore any beware signals i might be getting. even though i also try to give people a chance, i do keep those warnings on my radar. i don't think we should ever ignore our instincts!

I have a friend that is a federal agent that always tells me, ALWAYS listen to your gut about people. That little "creeped out" feeling inside is there for a reason. Take that with a grain of salt, though. He works out of Detroit and is completely paranoid.

I have the same "gut feeling" about people, and like you, I'm usually not wrong. I try to give everyone a fair chance, but sometimes every nerve in my body is saying "get away!"

some people are harder to read than others. it's hard to know who to trust sometimes.

better to be safe than sorry, after all!

i agree with you it means stop for a reason