If any of you people need advice message me and we can talk through it ^^ i love helping others no matter what!
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Okay, well im like really fed up with LIFE atm... Its just so boring!!! I hate where i live! I hate my so called "friends" who havnt tried to contact me all summer!! I hate the fact that i have no money to buy an outfit to go out in!! I hate that i get spots!!! I hate how i have no motivation to get out the house and do something! I keep saying to myself that im going to excersize everyday!! And the day goes by and i never could bring myself to doing it! Again, due to lack of motivation.... Im not fat or anything i just know its good for me... This summer has been the worst summer of my life!!! Its been the worst year of my life for that matter!!! please message me to talk.... xo

OK. Well I have one for you. I'd love some advice as to how to handle my 14 year old daughter. She has been sending nude photos and videos of herself to strangers online. She is so sneaky and lies to us. We have done the obvious and took the internet from her. I hate to do that as we all know the internet has become everyone main communication with people.

taking the internet away from her is not a solution, it will only make her want to do it more. You need to explain to her why it is wrong/bad, she probably is trying to get attention by doing that so you need to help her understand that this is not the best way to do it, infact later in life this can prove to be her worst mistake..... Show her examples of girls who were involved in such behaviour and they ended up screwing up their lives later on. Its going to take some time plus patience but only counseling can help her. DONT USE FORCE IT WILL ONLY RESULT IN REBELIOUS BEHAVIOUR

i love sex

Hi I really need an advice. Look today its my first of school and i've never been in a public school before. I cone from another country, I am a Senior and I suffer from social anxiety, anxiety and panic disorders. Please Help!!!

Thanks i feel better now. ;)

Hugs to you too

im 16 is it ok to date a guy who's 26 years ? (not the law part cause its legal where im at )

awww thnx for the advice :'(

dose that stand for captain kangaroo lol

really just odd to me that it looks like him ok no I really thought it was a joke sorry ok

well ha ha what part of Texas I'm in Ft. Worth

lol whats ur nationality with a first name like Kato awsum name

lol I was thinking u were Japanese with a name like that how is kato Mexican ???

that cool my mom is from México so and my dad is white

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I would love for you to read what I just posted! ^^

Damn, advice is good, but I feel like until I have al of the advice out there, then I won't truly know what to do.