I can't stand living like this anymore I make myself sick with what I do to myself and I make other people sick for what I do
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Just be yourself. Always do your best. You need to prove yourself in people who always judge you.

Really. What do you do that makes you so offensive to yourself?

what do you do?

what? it's all blanked out.

oh. okay.

Well, if it is bothering you and you are unable to control or stop it then it is an addiction. There is help for that if you want it. But, as an alcoholic I know that one of the hardest tasks involved in getting a handle on your addiction is to forgive yourself, to quit hating yourself. As long as you feel that way you won't be free of the addiction.

It's a natural thing every guy has seen ****. No need to be ashamed of yourself

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what is it you do young man?

hey you are aware of your problem. just let the devil play itself out. youre hooked maybe but you know it. start there.