If there's anything you need to let out. I am here to listen and help you out.
ElChaparro ElChaparro
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Same goes for you. :)


advice needed on how to deal with regret


I kindda need advice!

Okay :) you can message me or ask me anything on here if want :)

I don't to sound rude ok I know kids today r more advance then in my day but u don't think ur a little young to do this???

Yes, yes I am. And yes I do get I'm young and such. I've also been through a lot throughout my years. I may be 18 but I try to do my best and try to help anyone in need. After all my advice is just as good as anyone else's.

yes it is and u do know I wasn't putting u down or anything like that ok just wondering if u help one person that is awsum u did well

Thank you sir :) I'm just trying to better myself in any possible way.

so what do u do

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