I truly am a good listener. I don't interrupt people when they divulge their problems, secrets, or heartaches on me. I don't judge. I just sit there, look into their eyes after they talk, and say "feeling Better?" A hug works too. :)
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That's awesome

Totally agree with you..
I did it too, I think that first thing people need when they're in troubles isn't an advice.. all they need at that time is the one who can understand them and stay by their side.. some advice will be needed after they can manage their own feeling..

I couldn't agree more :)


You are so sweet and lovely the world will question if you exist. :)

awww that made me smile! thank you! Empathy is a wonderful thing. :)

I love hugs 3>


why what?

why would u want to listen to pl's problems all the time

because I care???

not to sound mean but do u think thy care about u

Don't think that's the point mate lol

mate!!!! where u from lol

England ???

ya I figured I lived there before and I do miss it

I don't really care because it's not about me in the first place. If they feel comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts with me, then I'd be delighted to listen. That just goes to show that I am "The chosen one" LOL.

The chosen one lol so that's why you do it

so what can I say lol

Agree with you, I just want to help someone back to the good and happier life
and after that even they don't care about me,SO WHAT,
"They can be Happy" for this point, They happy I happy, It's double win.
but when someone talk about personal stuff,which mean they trust you.
at the point You can have some "true" friend, I meaning they do know u care about them.

😞1 * hug please

aw what's wrong?

I'm was feeling little sad , also hugs are awesome . And I might have been hungry 😁(not sure if that qualifies for your hug$

haha you are silly!

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