Just remember that youre not the only one feeling sad or down. Remember that there is people around you feeling the exact same thing. Remember that You, as a person, are worth so much more than the pain youre feeling. Remember that you are perfect as You are.
mccgandy mccgandy
22-25, M
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would you like to talk

I am fine right now, thank You!

Hi there is a young girl who could do with some of your inspiration.
Her name is imjustateenagedirtbagbaby and the experience is 'I hate school'

Any chance you could cheer her up a bit


Yes sure!

Hi mate just wondered if you could try that girl again. I appreciate you may be doing other things at the moment but when you get a chance that would be great

I've just seen your response. Thank you very much. Just really want these young people to know there are others her age or similar that are willing to lend an ear. You came through for me thanks a lot

Just glad to help anyone who needs a bit of a push!

Knowing others feel sad or lonely doesn't make me feel better either. Not by a long way. Im sure if you were able to help someone you would feel good about yourself. Why wouldn't you ?

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