I am stressed, scary and I hate all people they are all always bothers me
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How old are you? A teenager perhaps! All these feelings are normal!!!! I remember them well!

Yup I am 18

You're in the middle of a huge crisis! It's called growing up and I'm not being a bit funny. It's a pretty crappy time! I remember when I was your age I thought that no one on this planet understood me! I didn't speak to an adult cos I thought they were all just full of crap. All I can tell you is that this time passes. You move onto a more open space where even you can find space for adults. Perhaps it's cos you have become an adult yourself. It's all a bit frightening but it's good and you won't believe the benefits ahead of you. So hold on, stay strong.

😊 thanks

tell me whats up



w-what's up


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They are people kind of bullshit they want to make a lough at you and you can't say anything cause they are in the same your class and this is what make me hate all people that's what drive me to stress out

Why can't you say anything ?? Maybe you should start saying something so those ppl know they can't just walk all over you. If you allow them to push over you then your always gonna be scared .... Maybe change your classes from those ppl but do what works for you cuz you shouldn't feel that way

yup I know thanks any way

Have you ever heard the saying, "dont feed the troll"? online there are internet trolls. well in real life, there are trolls too. my best advice is to not give them any fuel to keep bothering you. dont give them any of your time, just a quick apathetic reply. for example... lets say they just said something, and now they are laughing, if you show them that it bothers you, then they will keep laughing. and now because they got a reaction out of you, they will do it again. now, if they say something to you and you just laugh and say something like "wow, really? how old are you?" and act like they are beneath you, then they wont get any fun out of it, because they didn't get a good reaction. but that's all you should give them, after you say that, just walk away, and if you sit next to them, ask the teacher if you can move, in private or something.

and one more thing to think about, if you let them bother you, think about who this is hurting. your anger is causing stress, stress extended over time is not healthy for the body. so do not give them any thought at all because they are not worth your good health! seriously! **** them! who cares about them? find people with the same common interests as you and just hang out with your friends. this will make it easier to forget about those ********. anyways.. you're awesome bro! message me if you need to ask something or want more advice. ill try to reply ASAP

thanks bro, I'll text you later

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Why do they bother you ?? What's stressing you out ??

maybe he just want to alone ok

If you say so 😒