Who I Am

I was married for 15 years and we became more like friends and were divorced. That relationship took away much of my sexual and personal confidence, and made it hard to trust my partner. I am so glad to have found Kelly, and have her in my life. She has not only restored these things, but has boosted them immensely.

Kelly also had a bad past relationship, one in which she was verbally and physically abused. So we have learned to lean on each other and be there whenever we are needed. We enjoy a close and passionate relationship, and found that we have much in common regarding music, movies, TV, and what we enjoy in bed.

I met Kelly in in 2010 when I started seeing her as a Massage Therapist. We soon started dating and were married Sept 23, 2011. I have been a pilot for several years, and do charter flights for groups and organizations.

Kelly works in an office, and also provides erotic massages from our home. I am fine with that, and trust her totally. She has trained me to do various methods, and I provide some sessions for women who prefer the touch of a man. I do these from home for free or by donation since I am not certified. But anyone who sees me knows about this and has no problems with it. I also help her with occasional couples sessions, or where having 2 people giving massage is preferred.

I have also been fortunate also to have a wonderful Daughter. Melissa was born in June of 1992, and has been my rock in times of need. She is openly bisexual, and I do not have any objections to her wishes. She shares an apartment with her GF, and also is dating a a pleasant young man.

Kelly is unable to have children due to a medical condition, but Melissa has accepted her as a mother, and they get along great. Melissa seldom sees her birth mother, and when she does it’s so she can ask for money.

I will always try to be a good listener, and respond to any thoughts or concerns if I feel I can be of any help.

Please do not ask our location or for our contact numbers as we wish to keep those private.

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Sep 5, 2012