I Was Purposed To !

My to be husband is in Afghanistan, hes a Sargent in the army, we met and fell in love! hes the blessing i've been praying for! praise god i found him! My last name will be Shaul. When he comes home on leave were getting married. Thanks for believing in me my friends! a man in a uniform is sweet!

He says i'm his world, that he lives to make me happy and nothing will come between us!  a gift i will treasure forever!
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It turns out this guy was an impostor posing as a military guy who tried to scam me out of 300 bucks! but thank you for your sweet kind words! hopefully one day i'll find him...

wow, sorry

Well, I wish you could give him what he really needs. . . A PUNCH ON THE NOSE!!!

I'm sorry about ur situation, I'm glad u didn't send any money though

Sorry to hear that, and for your heartache. Xx The flip side is he could have kept you hanging for a while. So at least you found out sooner rather than later. Xx

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wow! congratulations!

Best wishes, you deserve happiness. I am happy for you and your hubby to be!

thank you so much my friends!

Oh wishes the best for you and your darling. Life starts at 40 and love knows no boundaries. That's a gift to treasure forever indeed. Good luck to both of you.

thank you so much!