See That Fate And Destiny Have Somewhat A Control On Life

I was told I will meet many people, and travel the country in my early years, but I would not be at peace and in love with someone I will be with forever until I am 27.
For over a decade, I fought that fate. Not intentionally or purposely, I just lived my life, remembering what was said in everything that I did and made a decision on, and tried my best at making my relationships work and until this day.... I failed... I am a being of angelic perfection.
I strive for perfection, in every way possible, for years until there seems to be no hope.
After more than a decade fighting for my own life, my own path... i finally gave up on it... 8 months ago
and decided to just be in this so called "cage" of fate.
However, i did go places on how I was.. I went to high lengths, accomplishments, and achievements, but never got what I really wanted in life.
I believe the issue I have with my own destiny, is the fact I know what it is, and how my lives were in the past, which doesn't really help me with what I really want.
Since what I really want should not be controlled by something or someone, no one should have to live a life where their own life was already told.
I mean, what if u knew what your life was DESTINED to be, and you were not satisfied with what u are SUPPOSED to have, wouldn't you revolt? or rebel? or try to change it to what you really want? it's like forcing a bird to live in a cage...
I gave in not too long ago, just decided to let it be. Only because I am almost 27 ( one month away ) and fate will have its win on me. I fought for over a decade and lost...
It is not that the life that I am supposed to live was not going to be a prosperous, or satisfying, peaceful life.... It is the sheer fact that it is " Not the life that i C O U L D choose for myself!!!"

So..... Do you choose your destiny? Comment on yer past experiences with this.. Or message me your EXP..

BTW I am 27 now, I wrote this April 2010
TokyoRoach TokyoRoach
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1 Response Nov 23, 2010

life can be cruel and mysterious..your lucky you even had a clue to what to expect. i lost all of my memory of who i was and dont know what the heck my mission in life is.<br />
its easier to go with the flow then go against the current :P so i've learnt