More Damage

This time its serious!

My ex is after his mothers money, he knows that if she doesn't get professional care she will be bed ridden and die quicker, it appears that's his wishes!
He is making her believe that its for her when the only reason why hes taking care of her is the payout. Her house is up for sale, and being her  head of her estate gives him access to a lot of money! his mother thinks its coming from his loving heart, when he was the one wanting me to stay so he could share some of the loot with me! when i refused, he was enraged!  their relationship consist of marriage, excluding sex, i hope. Their both narcissists, each one using the other for their own selfish gain, my ex is taking the ax to his mom, and she awaits smiling! how insane is this! the ignorance in two people who are children in their own minds. His mother betrayed him by telling church members how bad of a son he was so members decided to judge him and call him a hypocrite! simply because he wasn't helping her at the time.  he seen it  as discipline, as though he were 12. He has had this planned from the start, kind of a pay back for being a pain in his ***. They have a twisted relationship, and hes made an extra key to my house!

I spilled the beans and pissed them both off, i'm siting in my office with a bat. He doesn't scare me, hes a wimp. But just in case he wants to start something, i'm armed, and dangerous.
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Hun, you helped me put a name to what I'd been through. I'm asking you please to only have minimal contact with them. You have no place in their web anymore. Xx

They don't call 'em "ex's" for no reason....

Thats so heartless of him. And its always good to be ready to defend yourself:)

thank you, but you dont understand, someone will die over money!