I Really Am

well of course I am bitchy sometimes but this is how all teenage girls are. And also I did a lot of stupid mistakes in my past but I have always been a good person. I know I am. I care about others, I would never put someone down, unless that person really pissed me off. I donate money to people who need it, I give money to homeless people. Every time I see a bug in my house I free it, NEVER kill it even if its a tiny ant. I just can't kill animals everyone deserves to live.  I remember when I was 7 years old I accidentally killed a spider, I felt so bad and cried. That happened more then 11 years ago but I still remember. I won't ever forget when my dad killed a pig in front of me when I was 5, I was crying. It makes me really sad to see homeless dogs and cats, I feed them. And it ****** me SO off when someone tortures an animal. I feel bad for all the poor people starving in Africa, why do they have to go through this???????? I should consider myself lucky. I pray for others and wish them all the best. OK I admit that also I have enemies which I hate but I am good to you as long as you are good to me. Like I said I am a good person.

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response May 30, 2007

I do my best to treat other's as I would like to be treated. Our pet's come from the pound and we have loved each we got. As long as you can look yourself in the mirror then your doing ok but if you cant then somthing need's to be changed. My Best.