I Believe I Am a Good Person

I was a little wild but never the less i was never a bad person.. i believe in myself that i am a good person.. sometimes people around me say things which makes me think am i...! but i never doubt myself...! Not everyone can see goodness in others because they just dont want to... it hurts when i believe i am a decent person and close ones put me down time to time makes me wonder do they really know me at all..?... No matter how hard there is just no pleasing in some people..! is there..? NO...i remember once i went out my way to help a close one... in return i got an ear ful :( i dont give up i have a big heart.. i will do what i do best either people like it or not... they dont have a choice ... but to deal with a good person.. :)
Dipz Dipz
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 15, 2007

You are indeed a good person; a wonderfully good person! Hugs!