So Like After I Got Off the Phone My Roommate and His Girlfriend Came In With a Beer to Celebrate But I Was In Bed and the Bottle Caps Fell On the Floor and I Was Worried I Would Step On the the Bottle Caps But I Mean If They Came In Just a Little Bit Lat

so like after i got off the phone my roommate and his girlfriend came in with a beer to celebrate but i was in bed and the bottle caps fell on the floor and i was worried i would step on the the bottle caps but i mean if they came in just a little bit later it would have been soooo embarassing because then we went to seveneleven and i was carded oh that was great oh yeah that was really funny but man if they came in just a little bit later like a few minutes it would have been really really embarassing because it would have been embarassing geez.

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12 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I love the concise title of this story.

Hahahaha! You're an idiot. =P <br />
<br />
Still, Happy Birthday! ;)

Whatchoo all sorry about?<br />
You spelled inebriated correctly.

errrr...yes you did.

Pshhh. Its his fault for not explaining! Geez. =P the reason why it would be embarrassing if they came in later what I think it is? Because if it is, all I have to say is Ewwww. ;-P

Did you get a revolving hot dog at the seveneleven?


I'm like, totally jealous of your mad story-telling abilities.

So like oh my gawd that was like totally awesome. I could totally relate! I'm totally speechless or something...yeah like so speechless I have no words...yeah! ; )

Like, totally.

Keep it up. You have a bright and shiny future as the next Stephanie Meyer.