We Really Do Have More Fun

I love how my dark chocolate hair emphasizes my dark blue eyes.  My eyelashes are long and black and make the blue of my eyes deep and almost black.  My dark dominatrix hair makes me mysterious and sensual.  I love how it complements my pale ivory skin.  The contrast is alluring and provocative.

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You sound simply delisishes....so cought up I can't even speel right....see what you do to me? LOL Please add me

I've noticed two things. Firstly, that there's a time gap for your presence on EP. Secondly, that you're indeed both beautiful and quite intelligent. You're my kind of brunette. Val ;-)

Ha Ha Wading. I will take that as I compliment.

Why are my pants sticking out like that? Oh, wait. I remember.

Orchid is blushing right now. (Takes a lot to make orchid blush)<br />
<br />
You are wonderful ac

You mean it's true that I think I know who sumone reminds me of?

Ha Ha....Run sumone....Run

HHHUUUUMMMM sumone you remind me of someone I know.

Aw sumone, it's all good.

Oh, tsk tsk threestrikes. <br />
All I'll say is I am VERY proud to be a brunette, in every way.

Gknight, you are also a witty and charming person. I am glad you are my friend.

That's so funny you said that Shaylon. I did just get a new haircut a week ago.

You have a cute haircut too!

Thanks. :-)

That is wonderful. It means you are secure with who you are, and that my friend is beautiful.

I am the kind that can say or do something really stupid and make people laugh and realize it just as I finish doing it! They look at me like I'm crazy and start laughing, I just say oh well , I don't care , if it makes someone laugh or feel good! It makes me feel good! I'm the farthest thing from perfect!<br />
I'm not dumb, I just tend to do some goofy things occasionally or say something goofy! If I can look goofy and make someone laugh, and not care what I look like! making them laugh is all that counts! ;-) I guess that is one of my gifts!

I try to be beautiful on the inside sunstone. And I love it when a man can laugh at himself. Shows he doesn't take himself to seriously.

Close...but I am a better actress. Although I do have a nice mouth like Liv. Just not as etheral.

Guys, I have to say....I love a man with a keen sense of humor. Make me laugh and you have a friend.

Alright!!!!! Thank you!! you are very kind too!!

Aw Cel you are to much. <br />
<br />
HC....First. Wow...well let's move you up in the line.

beauty and brains - sometimes i wish i wasn't married.....

Ok, she sounds sexy!!! I'm first!! ;-)

I'm not blowin no smoke, here people! If you want a shot at her, the line forms to the left!!! But bring your sleeping bag and lawn chairs... it's gonna be a loooonnngg wait!!!

Awww, Celery. My bestest buddy in the whole world. Thanks I needed that.

She ain't lying folks!!! She's one hot, sexy, pixie!!