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I'm your average goth. Nothing makes me any different, any more enlightened, emotional, special or better than any other goth. I see light in the darkness and have always found myself drawn to the unusual and macabre inspired things. What others would consider morbid, I find comfort in and am fascinated by.  Life is spent inside my head more than in reality and Goths are constantly wondering about themselves and what it is that makes us, us. Which is why we are generally recluses and shy away from human interaction. It is not that we think we are better than others. We're usually the creative type that feel like a social life can take away our availability to bring something into the world. We find ourselves constantly battling new questions that our loud, annoying mind keeps wanting to ask. There are more than one of us in our heads. If you're Gothic, you understand what I mean. Think of the little angel and devil that sit on shoulders, only it's not good or evil, or giving advice. It's a neutral entity that constantly screams for our attention and wants us to question everything we encounter in our day to day lives. We think. To the point of insanity.

I suppose people would venture to this group to get a better understanding of why Goths are "sad",  where all "black" and listen to depressing music. Well, these are my opinions on those topics, because there is not a "Gothic bible", manuscript or set of guidelines out there for us to abide by to be considered a Goth. We would laugh if there were such a thing. And it would certainly not go well with our ever-changing, roaming, evolving minds.

Contrary to Goth's being sad, All the Goth's I've met are friendly, eccentric, and animated. If you don't know any Goth's, you've probably seen them in public and they look "sad". Well, Goth's generally do not enjoy general public locations. (grocery stores, department stores, bowling alley's)  We feel out of our element, uncomfortable, and  we are typically recluses that would rather be in the world we've created in our own environment. (home)

Wearing all black is simply fashion. You could dress anyway but still be drawn to the culture of Goth. Goth's that accentuate their wardrobe with the obvious Gothic look, usually dress like that because the look appealed to them and they simply wanted to dress like that.  There are also a lot of sub-genres of Goth fashion now. (Industrial, Fetish, or Cyber) In fact- accenting wild, neon colors with black, has become the modern movement in Goth culture today.  I'm more traditional and romantic-renaissance Goth myself. Black on black with black. I do not look down on the different sub-genre's that have manifested over the past couple decades. I love and embrace that Goth culture continues to branch off and re-invent itself. But as with any Style. Style does not represent your individuality. Your personality, soul, imagination, creativity, and intellect does.

Depressing music. Goth's LOVE music. And it's not always depressing. Depressing music might be mistaken for just "mellow" soft music. Soft, somber, and dark music sets a laid back, relaxing mood for Goth's. We are usually laid-back ourselves. And we really want to feel to the music. (as cheesy as it sounds) It's no different than a metal head blaring their loud, hard, fast metal music because it feels like music home to them. Once again, Goth's are not bound by following any guidelines of music. Some Goth's might hate sappy music. And only like upbeat dance-Industrial music. Personally I love ANYTHING, regardless of genre, title, or popularity. My ears have taste buds. They will eat whatever they like.

Well, Goth wanderers and fellow Goth enthusiasts, I hope my views have been comprehensible and executed in an informative manner. Farewell with only positive, harmonious intent toward you.
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try the german goth music ,called enomine great band.and blutengel. just google both of them.

Everything you said is true about me too

Been always curious about the goth type dress, so why is it different except for the colors?

Um - you pretty much summed it up - nothing much to add. You have an amazing intellect and a grasp of the true nature of life and death. Most of we fringe dweller's are intoverts, reflective thinkers, intellectual's etc. it's all good.

PS: my niche is being a surf, nature and beach loving gothic pagan. Picture a ponytail, dark tan, black board shorts, white shirt, place by the beach where I go gardening, listening to alternative music (including staple diet bands, and a wide plethora of others...) Am I an oxymoron incarnate :-P

very well written .

I can understand and relate to this although I am not goth myself; well put