Yeah There's A Side Of Me.

I suppose it's my evil side; growing up being bullied seems to have left me with it. I find that when I'm crashing into depression it's like a switch is thrown and I start listening to EBM, futurepop and industrial. The black comes back on with the assault boots and I seek her out. Then laying in her lap, dark music playing, crushed velvet against my face, the soft lace of her gloves stroking my hair; everything feels in its place again, my mind calms. I watch her play with a knife,  an evil smile on her glossy black lips, and I feel so safe.She's the only one who would understand why.

I kiss her finger tips, her palms, she strokes my face making me so sleepy. I push her over and we begin to wrestle, her legs wrap around me and she squeezes; I pin her wrists, we're face to face, her lips pout in sensual aggression, her eyes scowl, we don't kiss, she gently holds my lip in her teeth, her breath kisses my face; her perfume fills my consciousness. Two, three, four quick soft kisses and we pull each other close. She bites my shoulder, my neck, my ear. "I'm the only one who can look after you" her soft breathy voice fills my soul. She's demonically beautiful.
Ketsan Ketsan
31-35, M
4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Never got particularly involved in the culture, but I've always been a big fan of electro-industrial and '90s industrial rock.

ughh i looove thiss


Doesn't sound healthy K...