Goth - and Proud of It

I don't get what all the Goth bashing is all about these days. Come _on_, we're not going to eat your damn babies or go nuts with a gun. I mean, why should I bother? If I don't like you, I'm damn well either going to ignore you or, if provoked, show my sense for sharp, sarcastic retorts. Anyway, I think it's often hilarious how people treat me. Even when I dress pretty normally (my style varies between darkly Neo- Victorian/ EGA inspired and deathrock/ punk- ish), people are going to stare. I don't mind stares, I'm getting used to them. It's just when situations go to the extreme that makes me start wondering. For instance, while I was still wearing my death hawk, I was strolling peacefully down the street one sunny spring day, happy and content in my torn fishnets, a black jeans and a plain black t- shirt. Oh, and the hawk, and a spiked choker, if I remember correctly. So I walk on this pretty busy main shopping street. I see this lady with a five- year old (approx.) girl, probably her daughter, stopping to stare at me as if she'd just seen the Ol'e Man (read: the devil) himself, takes the child, who seemed rather fascinated by my appearance, by the hand and almost violently drags her over to the other pavement on the opposite side of the street and almost runs off, leaving me there open- mouthed, baffled beyond comprehension of what had just happened.

Then there was this other time when I had to make a quick dash out of a second- hand store because I frightened the living hell out of one of the employees and almost feared that the others would come after me with pitchforks and flaming torches. I mean, umm, hellooo... That day I was not even looking particularly gothic at all (I wonder if it was the hawk - I wish I knew).

I just wish that people would try to understand that goths are not dangerous. Goth is not some kind of religion, and only a minority are actually Satanists. Many of us might seem a bit strange, yes, and there are certainly arseholes in any kind of subculture, goth included, but most of us are really very nice people. I know of people who've been badly abused because they are goths, and I can't see why some people think this is okay. This is just as bad as racism. It is odd, because, well, call a black person a ****** and you'll have a riot on your hands. Call a goth a *** or a Satanist and people might only arch an eyebrow at you or not care at all. I don't think this is fair. Anyway, I've got one thing to say to those idiots who look down on myself and other members of the subculture, and this is it: Screw you. I'm goth, and I'm proud of it. I love Siouxsie and the Banshees, I love Bauhaus, I simply adore bands I bet you've never even heard of. This is really the core of "gothdom"; the music. Go and do a bit of research before trying to insult me, because having an intelligent discussion about it is so much more interesting than the oh- so- unoriginal Halloween/ funeral remarks.
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you do not see a lot of goths in glasgow now, it looks to be dying out more is the pity ,as the town will lose the colour and its living art.

That was awesome. I am what I call a closet goth, for lack of a better phrase, and I hate how even parents treat their goth children! While I was reading this I started laughing when I realized how right you are. So this is what I have to say: Bravo! :)

Thank you, dear. :)

Y'all dress so dark and aren't you sad all the time? I guess I just don't understand why you don't try and wear clothes that actually flatter yourself!

I always get most compliments from "normal" people whenever I dress goth. Apparently, it makes me look cute and sexy. What about not judging people before you get to know them, hmm? Or if we're going by looks, you've never seen a picture of me. How can you say that I look ugly if you've never seen me?

Lots of people are Negitive about anyone that is Different . if being a Goth is what you want to be be Positive about yourSelf its your Life Live it your way . Love yourSelf and others will Love you whatever you are . Be who you are and be Proud .Those who matter Don.t Mind .And those who mind Don.t matter . i like people that are openminded and Positive thinkers . A youngMan came to me for a job . he said he was gay and had a BoyFriend would it matter . i said is it going to stop you coming to Work . he said no sir . i said thats o k then start monday . that was 9 years ago he stil has a boyfriens and is one of my best workers . o yes i do have A Goth Working for me also . She is well Educated her black chothing will not stop her working . Personally i think she is Marvellously Attractive and very young with lots of motivation and she is trustworthy to with a great mind . i take people as i see them all my workers are different . Trust is number one .What a person looks like doesn.t matter . Not to me anyway . Respected Trusted Gent Age63 years young

I just need to say I think I love you. Thanks for this most uplifting comment.

when ever i go out with a group of friends its very funny watching people watch me because im different. people who are introduced to me by friends or family find it extremely odd that my personality doesn't always match my colors of choice(black and red, of course). they just don't understand. ^_^

Why care what others think say or do . Don.t be Negitive you don.t need anyones Approval . Just be you and love yourSelf .Live your life your way without regrets

I see.

Oh, my goth !

i would like to second ,what luna 95 says, goths ,bring colour ,living art, and style to a boring town centre, i have found goths that i have talk to very intelligent,and they were very nice ,to talk to,i did some research into them ,as a member of my family ,look to be getting into this, and i went on youtube to hear there music ,i found some german goth music by Enomine it is very good,when people think of goths ,they think that ,they cut or kill themselves ,which was why ,i did the research ,when in fact it is Emo's that do this,so to the parents of these kids ,do the research ,and to Hidden be proud of being goth ,you bring living art ,to a town centre.

i Agree . Goth.s are not weird . The one working for me is amazing its a pleasure working with her .Sally is not rude she never smoks and she is extremely educated with a great mind . that is what i need people that have Motivation . what a person looks like dose not matter in the workplace .its the inner person that matters . Some people are always judging others by the way they look Thats Stupid and Negitive thinking .

well said, i think goths have more motivation than other's , the fact that it takes a lot of time to dress as a goth says it all.

i Totally Agree be proud to be yourSelf

*fit not fix* Da Mn dont i seem to be making a freudian

Goth chicks are SO-COOOOL, It's dying out here. one more thing to make me feel old missing the 90's/80's. can relate to being different. I FIX IN NOWHERE. rust finally coming to realize this. I may have been plauged with the death of all my friends and fam. (so I can relate to the potic facination with death that many of a goth style indulge in). But my two surviving friends keep me going. when I grew up in denver (h.s. days) did a few goth concerts, was punk-rock back then, split endz, cars, gary neuman...etc. Celebrate your originality it makes you beautiful.


Diane, I think you're over reacting. Goth has nothing to do with the devil. You're giving the evil one too much recognition. From what I read, it's other people judging those who choose to be Goth. It's other people's reactions of how much that the Goths are hated, not the other way around. Now I don't know if you were joking when you wrote this or if you were serious. Either way, your comments are very sad and useless, not because you threw God in there (God is anything, and everything, but useless), but because of your ignorance.

"Practising Goth"? What the bloody Hell is that even supposed to mean? *bemused* You make it sound like a religion, honey, which it certainly isn't.

get other goth's and go to a model agency i think they would love to have you . i have seen many times girls looking stunning as a goth so why not try and see if you can start something new.

I really don't understand why some people dislike goths. What's so bad about being a goth? Most of the girls I've dated have been goths (bit of a fetish) and they have all been really great people.

This point of view may give the Goth lovers seekers and readers an interesting insight into their past and its some of you who have an affinity to Goth may relate to what is being said here...and may even recall some events from those times perhaps...:)<br />
<br />

Where can ilearn more about Goths?

what i get to look forward to lol....yeah...

It's the kindergoths that give us a bad name.<br />
There is a surplus here.<br />
It is the dirty south.<br />
And everyone wants to be someone.<br />
Lesbians and gays are big here too.<br />
Mostly because they can not find anyone worth it.<br />
I haven't seen prejudice any worse than in my own state.<br />
My neighbors, Employers, schools, even friends and family.<br />
It is one of the first few principles you ever learn, ever.<br />
One bad apple can spoil it for the rest.<br />
Which is why I change it up.<br />
It doesn't have to be all black all the time.<br />
Especially depending on Genres.<br />
Hot Topic Bondage pants are more for poseur goths.<br />
Kids that won't last to the scene long.<br />
I love goths that look good!<br />
The guys that get some old department store black pants.<br />
Sew them, rip them, patch them up.<br />
Guys with amazing hair.<br />
I hate mohawks.<br />
Even on Punks.<br />
Don't even get me started on Avril.<br />
But Goth has its own subcultures within it.<br />
Metalheads, Cybergoths, Punks.<br />
Point of all this is.<br />
Other people may classify and damn subcultures.<br />
That doesn't mean, they don't exist.<br />
It means we are more intelligent to recognize and accept them as being others too.<br />
I Just wish these middle school kids would learn more than Halloween everyday of the year.<br />
As long as there is existence, there will be ignorance.<br />
Stay strong.<br />
And don't lower yourself to the expectations of uptight socialists.

Yupp, people are just afraid of someone who is a bit different. <br />
<br />
I too, love watching people's reactions. Because I dress differently, they are surprised that I'm actually a very polite person. They think it's creepy if I smile at their little kids. They look away if I'm walking past them. While it's all absolutely laughable, them acting like they expect me to jump and yell "I'LL EAT CHUUU AND STEAL YOUR SOUUUL!", it's a insulting and down-right rude. I think the only thing we can really do is just ignore them and be ourselves whether they like it or not.

Listen, I've been through this, though years and years ago. Yeah, it was about the music--Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance...I still listen to much of it. It was also about expressing my dissatisfaction with mindlessness, ignorance and and insensitivity that I saw (and continue to see) all around me. I felt that I was born in the wrong era and in the wrong place. I was attracted to antiquity and the romantic ideals of ancient times. <br />
<br />
Just keep your head on straight and be careful with the mind-altering substances and other related dangers. I did get into some tremendous trouble and lost many friends--tragic events were involved. Most of my trouble though, was on account of the personal problems I was experiencing at the time.<br />
<br />
The next time you see some dorky mom with a boob job and a bad tracksuit pushing a stroller, you never could be me, listening to the old tune "Kick in the Eye" on my I-pod.