Local *******

there are these girls that all live around my street,their main hobbies are standing around the corner talking about how bad everyone but themselves dress,and me and my friends are usualy the victims. It was on a hot day,when me and my three friends decided to take a walk to the shop. We turned the corner and there they were,the local *******. We kept walking,with the intention of egnoring them,but one of them felt that this wasnt good enough and steped out infront of us.with her hands on her skelitor hips and her nose helt so high that if it was up any higher she would drown when it rains.we all stopped and stared at the stuck up piece of crap standing infront of us.She started comenting on the way we dress,but im proud of it and took her insults as compliments.we were walking away when she just couldnt help flinging in a dis about my chemical romance.Me being a seriously divoted fan,i couldnt help myself, i whirred back around and cracked her right across the jaw,as she was down on the deck i jamp on her and started punching into where ever she wasnt covering,it was like my emotion gage had finaly explode and it wasnt me in control any more.by this time her friends and mine had all piled on top of each other to,it was a pit of black and red mixed in with lacost and bergos.i was just starting to enjoy this new found fury,when a hand grabbed me,halling me out of the masacre.It was a policeman and his rookie assistant.so what started as an inoccent trip to the shops ended up in being halled into a police station,and waiting for our mums to get there.Now i might not be scared of the dark or ghosts but the one big fear is definetly my mum.They all came parading in like banshies.We were dragged home and got off with a warning,i got grounded for a week got told that my friends were a bad influence and that i wasnt aloud to hang with them any more (not that that stopped me).Although al of that happened we did gain one advantage out of it,now when ever we go down the street the ******* dont walk infront of us,oh no,they run in the opposit direction.

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one word... LOL!!! :p

girl You do right kick there ******* *** !!! how can anyone tell us how to dress. F##k um I may not dress in complete black all the time but they know the whole island knows Im a Freak and a Proud one too Love ya stay strong and easy on the rage Its additicing turst me I wanta beat up everyone that vixes me now Show no mercy are you a Satanist? if you are Join the groups I am a satanist and I am a satanis Leveyan I am a Leveyan !!! see ya around Easy on them local ******* bust them head if the stupid enough to do it again!

Violence is hardly ever a good option...

this is great and it reminds ,e of the ******* of my street