..and I Regret Every Minute of It.

Graduate school has been my goal for a long time, but so has not graduating college with tremendous student loans. Unfortunately, it's difficult to do both and having to work has really limited by ability to do well at school and, in turn, my enjoyment of it. Added to that is the attitude of the faculty who seem to think that everything should less important than graduate study -- an attitude I find unhealthy and narrow-minded, given the world we live in.

But since I have invested thousands of dollars into my education, I hope I can keep up my resolve to finish.

witch witch
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2 Responses Oct 9, 2006

I know this is an old story, but for others reading this, try to finish it if possible. I know what it feels like to owe over $30000 in loans for a degree I will never attain.

Hello. I really feel sorry that your grad studies isn't as you had wanted it to be. <br />
Anyway, I am currently doing my 2nd semester of grad studies in Navigation. Although all the other students in my advisor's research group have already published, I have not made any progress on my project.....and sometimes feel that I should stop after a masters......I have been contemplating about this a countless times - what if i ask my advisor to stop funding me so that I dont have any stringds attached to get my masters....and I can avoid a lot of trauma (because, in my estimation, it will not be too long before my advisor also throws me out). and I have funds to complete my masters....anyway...there is a lot I would like to discuss with you. Please add me to your circle.. I seriously look up to you for help. I understand from your post that you aren't in a really great position in grad school. But I feel that mutual help would benefit people like us. Please let me know if I could email you or chat/skype with you. Thanks for your time and understanding.