I Am Struggling With My Work

Hey guys,

I've joined a Ph.D this year in algorithms. And I'm struggling. Really.

The biggest problem is that I fail to motivate myself. So, I end up goofing off on the web most of the time. Sometimes, when I am working, I suddenly lose concentration and start thinking about something else - something negative or day-dreaming. It's really hard, but I'm trying.

I try to make plans, but planning makes it even harder as I get intimidated. So, I feel that it's better for me to just try and do things little by little instead of planning.

I find that sharing my experiences and my thought processes helps a lot. If anyone here would like to be friends with me and help me through this (if you can exchange 1 or 2 emails, that's really nice, but not what I'm looking for - I'm looking for regular emailing - at least once every 1-2 days), I'd be grateful :). I may also be able to help you in some way, I promise to try, but no guarantees.
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Dec 9, 2012