Counseling Degree

I am hoping to begin my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology in the next year.  However it has been difficult to find the time to complete the application essay so I am starting to doubt that I'll find the time for classes and homework!

My goal would be to work in the counseling dept. of a college or possibly doing career counseling or private practice.
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

I am in a program. Completed my first semester... it's difficult...

i sure hope you make the time for all of it. i'm certain you'd accel in this field having read many of your insightful and often times wise 'comments' on this site. the world sure could use you out there helping people ... good luck with it all!

hey there!<br />
it sounds like you are doing very well for yourself...all the best of luck to you