Proving Myself

I was a real slacker in undergrad.  I graduated in 1996, and it feels like so much longer!  I've been in Grad School for two years now, and when I compare the workload for grad school to the undergrad workload, I cannot believe I was such a bum.  I could have been a straight-A student if I'd made more of an effort.  I suppose that is why, this time, I want to do well and make my parents proud.  And I am already proud of myself!  I'm working my tail off, but I don't want to finish!  There's so much I still want to read about, write about, and investigate!  My husband says I should go for a PhD, but the truth of the matter is, if I did, noone would believe it-they'd just think my husband pulled some strings or something-he's a university professor.  I had to get into the program myself, but I cannot help but wonder if people really believe it.

AnnOnimus AnnOnimus
36-40, F
Mar 1, 2010