First Time Grandmother to Be.

I would like to share my story about myself.I would like to say that I was raped by my mother and stepfather at the age of 13 teen I was a virgin,My inecents was stolen from me,I have 2 boy's from my step father my mother also has a child with my stepfather.that means that my brother is my boys uncle and brother I now it's bizzar but is true. I'm strong and I concider myself to be a good person.ow I forgot to tell you that my stepfather took my boys away from me because he had money and was a powerful man,my mother at the time could not do much for me because my mother tried to sell a undercover police officer 3 kilos of cocaine and my mother was taken to jail where then she  sentence to fifteen years. I know have a 21 year old son who lives with his girlfriend and they are going to have a baby ,my husband is 22 years older than me he has a grandoughter thats'5 years old I by her lots and lots of clothe medicine everything ,so my husband sends all that to cuba so why should I be nice.when he's having a hard time excepting my new grandbaby,he makes faces when I tell him that my grandbaby will never go with out or the fact that I will take care of my grandbaby in our home,see I lost a little girl almost at 3 MONTHS OLD of infant crib death,so just to know that I want to enjoy my time with my grandbaby is a blessing to ,If my husband don't like it there is the door goodby,your friend somebody!

jennyc jennyc
41-45, F
Mar 15, 2009