My Pride and Joy

This is Damon he is four years old and is the pride and joy of my life. When things get hard he is the only thing that keeps me going. I have him every weekend and enjoy my time with him immensely. I would not trade that time with him for anything in the world. He can always cheer me up when I am down.

JenniferMayfield JenniferMayfield
1 Response Mar 4, 2009

Hi you are so right about grandchildren,I have 2 beautiful girls,they are the light of my life.I have had more good times with them.I tell them they paint rainbows in my heart and it is filled with them.How grandma's can not be happy when they come over is far behond my thinking.My daughter tells me it's my chance in life to do it right this time.I do love them Oh! so much, God know just what He was doing and I love Him for making my grandmother-hood ever so wonderful!