My Christmas Story

Lots of segments to my Christmas, but the best experience I had--

was seeing my little granddaughter!  She got this amazing toddler keyboard. Big huge keys that have a "learning mode" section to sing the color of the key.  It is an absolute riot!  She figured out how to open the gifts, and takes her time doing it and playing with each one for awhile before opening the next (of course, she was interested in the scissors that we used to cut the toy from it's package much much more!  EEK!).  She and the dog shared some sausage/cheese stars (my son's favorite hors' doevre to make and eat), while she toddled back and forth showing us all her "stuff."  "Do you have to go potty?" her mommy asks (the kid is only 13 mos).  She races off to the bathroom, sure enough!  Let's go!  It was so delightful to watch this baby grow in her knowledge of things!  Then it's off to the bedroom to show Gramma her twinkly lights and snow globes (I have decided to start a collection for her, we will hit thrift shops etc for the nicest--and least expensive!).  Her favorite snow globe is Mickey Mouse dressed as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.  She  swings her arms and giggles.  Oh and giggles!  My son dug out a set of marracas that HIS grammy had bought him when he was little.  We shook them and sang, "la cuccaracha!" and she looked at me and burst into giggles, we had to do it over and over and over again! 

Every day is a gift with this little girl!
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Hey - I am glad to read that you had such a wonderful Christmas,