My Eternity

I see my granddaughter
after I've turned out of their driveway.
She is running down the driveway, 
her little 16 month old legs
carrying her as fast as she can.
Crying her little heart out.
Grandma's leaving!

My heart breaks.
I think about her as I drive down the dirt road.
Maybe I can do this,
give up my house, give up my sidewalks
for this child.  After all, they are only things.
She is real.  She will live forever and so will I,
in her mind.  Or, at least, until she turns 13. 
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1 Response Mar 21, 2012

My mother always told me that love for grandchildren wasn't anything like the love you have for your kids and she was so right. I have 4 granddaughters. I love them like crazy and would do anything for them. I worry about this world they are having to grow up in and realize that I am one person and can't be everywhere at once. All I can do is make sure that they know me, that I'm going to love them forever, no matter what, and start now, when I know they are able to understand, to tell them not to talk to strangers.....tell your mom everything.....and let them know I'll always be there so when they hit the teenage years and get sideways of mom and dad, my door is always open.