They Aren't Done Yet

I have been blessed with 8 great, and wonderful grandchildren. I have 7 granddaughters, andf one grandson (he is a little out numbered). The girls are all from my daughters family 2 are her husbands fom a previous marriage but they are just as special as the other ones are. The boy is from my sons family, and he is also the youngest. He just turned 2 in March, and his parents are working on adding a new brother, or sister.

It seems like this all started just a short time ago, but in about 3 weeks my oldest grandaughter Brittany will graduate from high school. This comes as a mixed blessing, and I am very proud of her, but she will be moving to Denver, to start school to be a Vet Tech. This will mean that I won't get to see her as often, and I am already missing her. Her family lives in a city about 40 miles away, but the three oldest girls go to school here, and drive back and forth. The two older girls also have jobs here, so on the nights they work, they stay with me to save driving time.

I don't play favorites and love them all equally, each in a special way. The thing about Brittany is that she has developed an interest in my all time favorite pass time. I grew up hunting for our food, and still to this day love to go hunting, and Brittany has gone with me this past year. There is nothing like spending a week in the mountians in the winter, living in a tent. When the snow is covering the ground, and the tree bows are bending from the weight of the snow it is another world. It gets so quite you can get lost in your thoughts, and when you hit the sleeping bag at night the cyotes howling seem like they are right outside of the tent.

Anyway I guess Denver is only about an hour away, and we will still get to see each other, she just won't be spending 3 nights a week on my couch.
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What a lovely story, and such a wonderful experience to share with your grand child. smiles