Cyclone Baby!

I'm trying to get my act together and fung shei my house.  My back "porch" is a dull gray room.  It has a row of windows to look out on my back yard, but it's painted a dull dark gray (previous owner).  Dull gray old linoleum tiles (boy do those things hold up though).  It has also become a catchall.  I am trying to clear the stuff (Craigs List--its stuff that has to be sold, too pricey to just junk and it's commercial ware) and paint (we're going ceiling to floor folks).  I will edit this in daylight to post a photo, I'm going to treat you to before and after...but oops, I haven't written about my intention, my little granddaughter....

They brought her over, replaced my storms with the screens (old house, but it works), and then left her with me so they could mow their acreage baby-free.  Well, I had worked hard to tidy the kitchen (I'm a firm believer in true living in my house, I have to work really hard to remind myself to tidy up after myself because, as an artist, I create and leave a trail), sweep its vast floor and mop.  I started on the back porch then (where my story started here) and got as far as shifting things and sweeping both that and the laundry room (another fung shei project) before they showed.  With that baby, it all went to pot. She found an extra bowl and transferred the dog kibbles from one to the other (the dog looked at me with flat ears and said, "Ma!  Why is she doing that?") until there were none left to transfer because all were on the floor.  She was given a cup of Cheerios (so she wouldn't keep trying to eat the dog kibbles) and they were strewed too.  Then she transferred to the home office where she got out the crayons to color and her little motor started running (when she wants to focus she has a constant "eeeeeee" coming out of her mouth, this happens whether she is coloring or working the cell phone or any time she needs to concentrate).  

Nonetheless, it was still a delightful day, as always, with my baby cyclone!  (messes can always be tidied, they are polite and wait quietly and patiently for one to get around to them, lol)
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May 17, 2012