Almost Agrandmother

I am ABOUT to be a grandmother. all my friends are like "oh my gosh" I cant believe you are about to be a grandmother' kinda like oh you are really getting old. And I can believe it might happen to me one day. Being the First in the group of girlfriends can be a bit unnerving when certain comments are made about me being the FIRST. My daughter was the first to get married and now the first to have a baby. it is so funny how your friends react like it could be as bad as finding out you have cancer. I dont mean to be cruel but women are so concerned about getting old and for some strange reason they feel because I am about(in one week) to be a grandmother ---I am almost in the grave. Anyway I cant wait and i cant wait to show them I will only get better ---being a grandmother is the coolest!!!

ok that felt great -really have not been able to express my feeling until now

so thanks and cant wait to not only share my experience but hear all the wonderful feedback from the best group of women in the world--GRANDMOTHERS!!

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I became a grandma at 40 and I think Its great that Im young enough to really enjoy my grandson. My slightly older cousin became a grandma first and I could tell she was feeling a bit down. I told her she was the best looking grandma I have ever seen.

Wow i was a grand mother at 38, and was proud as a peacock. loved the comments how young i was to be a grand ma. I now have 7 grands 2 great and a great due in July, and still enjoying the comments about how young i look. Enjoy your new grand baby. and congratulations!!!!

I'd like an update, that child must be here by now!

I am 40 and I also got the same reaction from my friends when they heard I was becoming a grandmother. They acted like a plague had hit me. Now they are seeing how happy I am. <br />
I can promise you this ... no matter how happy and wonderful you think it will be, it will be 100 times better :-) Congragulations and keep us posted!