I Miss You

My husband and i had full charge of my grandaughter while my daughter was in college. They lived with us for a short while after graduation. Being a single parent wasnt easy. They soon purchased a new home. We (grandparents)picked my grandaughter up everyday from daycare, took her to cheerleading and other sports. Helped with homework, played, made sure she had a balanced diet and a shower every night. Had a full wardrobe at our house. (she has always called our house home) had many forms of entertainment at our house. We have taken her on vacations a couple of times a year since she was born. We go get manicures and pedicures, get our hair and makeup done. Anything to be together. She is almost 8 now. Her mother recently got remarried. During the honeymoon she was forced to stay at her step grandfathers house. She cried to me, she wasnt comfortable there. He is a man of about 60, lives alone, with nothing for her to do there. Her mother told her that she "had to stay with poppa" the child is uncomfortablethere, she is in unfamiliar surroundings, she is there for 9 days alone with a strange man. How could a mother do that to her child whom she was inseprable from. We were a family, now it is torn apart by my daughter and her new husband that shes known only 7 months. We are not allowed to even pick her up from daycare anymore. "sam will do it"
Our hearts are broken. I miss you em!
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Oh my! I so feel for you. When I think of having to go through a situation like yours, I pray to God I'll live long enough to see my GDs old enough to at least be able to take up for themselves even if it's just by letting their misery be known to other adults. My DIL can't seem to stay with one man,( read my story) so you can see how I worry about who's looking after the girls (7 & 5). All I can think of you to do is keep in touch ANYWAY you can with that precious girl. Be it with cards, calls, whatever and let her know you'll always be there for her no matter what. And try not to antagonize the parents. That's your only avenue to her. Use it to your advantage. Good lock and God bless.