Long Distance Grandparent Of Divorced Family

i live five hours from my grand children. their parents have been divorced quite some time. i try not to rock the boast so that i get to see them. i get to see them about three to fours times a year. i know that sounds like a lot, but it is still hard for me. the father has remarried and lives out of the country. the mother recently lost her job. she has a boyfriend, but the father does not know this. i discovered the boyfriend was disciplining the children. not physically, but still i do not feel it is his place to do so.he told my oldest grand daughter that she had a bad attitude and he took her stuffed animals and put them in a garbage bag. he told her she would have to earn them back, and if not he would give them away to children who had no toys.
she is 5. i only know one side of the story, but it does not seem fair.
thanks for listening.
amoyeli amoyeli
51-55, F
Sep 15, 2012