I Breathe It

I have always loved art. Love photography, loved to paint, scribble, mold and design.
At first i wanted to design buildings. I thought how cool. I love architectural stuffs, but then i decided against that because it thought it was kinda boring. Which it was to me. Then i thought i wanted to design clothes. But realized i couldn't think of a single thing ppl would want to wear. HAHA!! then i wanted to do comic booking. I still want to do that, but probably as a hobby. While in my freshmen year of college i discovered maybe i would be a graphic designer. Why the hell not? All of my teachers tell me i have a great eye for design whatever that may mean lol. So that was very encouraging to be praised for something that came to me so naturally. I know several programs. Still gotta learn html which shouldn't be too hard. I know i will learn it once I'm at the university and i cant wait. I'm in the great city of Atlanta. There are so many jobs for us graphic designers here. I just might stay. But i love California so i might go back home when I'm done with college. just one more year at the junior college then to the university. Toooooo exciting.

I am looking forward to my future. When i'm done graphic designing because i get bored easily. I will go to pastry school and open a bakery.
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1 Response Jul 3, 2011

I always loved art too. I'm doing the last year of art school... but sadly i am so confused and i don't know what to do the next year! Maybe a bachelor in internal design :)