Obedient Wife

I'm grateful being married to my man.

The word obedient seems slavish for me, its as if saying; a person wears the pants in the family.  I don't agree with this.  There's things I listen and agree and vice-versa.  I think it is all about give and take on both ends. 
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In my opinion obedience also means to show your respect. An obedient wife as I see myself, isn't always of the same opinion as her husband, but I try to see his side before I open my mouth to oppose him. I have learnt to hold my horses, keep my mouth 'zipped' and gather my mind and maybe do more research on certain topics, before I come back to my husband to pick up the topic again, if I wish to pursue my point in the matter.<br />
In the end we'll reach a decision, with which we are both pleased. Submission doesn't have to mean slavery, but it's definitely a way of showing your capability of surrendering respectfully.<br />
Especially when it comes to intimacy. I love being submissive and provide my husband willingly and freely with sex, offer him my body to take as he pleases, because I know, he is stilling my needs as well as his and will shower me with gratitude, love and respect for this unrestricted access. While a lot of our male friends complain about the lack of sex they get with their wives, who are not submissive, we smile at each other contentedly and have a fulfilled relationship. And I am proud to acknowledge and admit, that this is due to my submissiveness and surrender.


Communication is great, but in the bigger picture your Husband is your superior and the more you acknowledge this the more efficient and unified your marriage will be, even if both of your consious minds refuse to believe this, both of your instincts do to the core.<br />
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@gumshoe, what a suprprise! Fancy seeing your well rounded, centered and content little self in such a place. I noticed you said you cant fathom loving someone you deem to be your subordinate, I advise you not to have children, adopt children, care for any disabled people or get any pets, as all of these have inferior ability and or authority but require a great deal of love. Or were you ignoring ability and authority and simply referring to worth or potential worth? Because if that is the case then perhaps we are closer to being on the same page then you thought, I myself acknowledge all people of having equal or almost equal potential overall worth as human beings, just not of equal authority and ability. Well, toodles my little anti-fan.<br />
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Do try not to be so deeply shallow (oh yes I did).

I believe we are the same.

The same what?

I consider children to be equal in worth and value to adults.
I have 2 wonderful children whom I love dearly.

As for worth or potential worth and value I agree.

Gather round, my daughters! Bring our friends and come and look at this! be careful, don't get too close... it's very poisonous! Study it closely, girls... it's feminism's greatest myth. Now, who can tell me what it is? Yes, that's right... clever girl! It's the mistaken assumption that in order to be equal we have to be identical.
This is the lie that messed up Mummy's generation, girls. This is the lie that caused all your mummies to give up their true power and happiness. This is the lie that blinded us to the reality:
Two things can be different, very different, yet still have equal worth and merit.
It's such a toxic lie that it killed families, marriages, and even entire societies. It's such a toxic lie that it even killed itself.
Yes, girls, this is the lie that killed feminism... and that is its only saving grace.

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I agree completely! marriage is all about partnership between equals. How can anyone truly have an intimate and close relationship with someone they do not believe is their equal? I just simply cannot fathom loving someone whom I believed to be either my superior or my subordinate. It just doesn't compute.