How can I tell my boyfriend that I would like to be submissive and obedient in all aspects of our relationship? (no bdsm) Thanks
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read the book: propper care and feeding of husbands

Depending on your boyfriend, I would go slow, let him lead you to submissive relationship. Start by simply asking him how he wants you to dress around him. Hopefully he wants a feminine lady. That way it will be a constant reminder to both of you that he is in control. I would definitely ask him if he wants you to remove any vestiges of masculine clothing. Let him choose what to give away,

Simply put, begin to act as you described. Request permission prior to taking any actions. Respond to his requests with a smile and a "yes sir," or something similar. Ask for, and implement, any guidance he provides when you're handling personal choices, big or small.

If you're searching for a more serious dynamic such as domestic discipline, I strongly suggest JennaR's approach. But consider first introducing him to your submissiveness beforehand. There are two kinds of guys in this area. Those who revel in the opportunity to exude leadership, and those who are overwhelmed by the newfound responsibility. You'll know your boyfriend's category quickly.

Train him to expect your submission and obedience by making it your normal behavior. And if he takes to the extra leadership, proceed with JennaR's advice. I'm sure she could suggest a few start-up websites that you could browse. My favorite is takeninhanddotcom.

Sorry to old fashioned but I would say that you believe that a wife should submit to he husband - no one else just her husband !!

You can copy and paste stories or information about the life style to an email. When he has had time to read it then you can discuss it with him. You might even include your thoughts on that email.
This way it eases the opening of the subject. Also he would then have information to work from. Not everyone is educated on this life style and so it is helpful to let them know the difference between Submissive and obedient and BDSM.

Both, I would say.