Therian Grey/black Wolf

Hey, I'm Tala.
I'm a Therian wolf. Grey fur with black paws and chest. I've almost P-shifted twice...and it was really painful. But, like they say: The first time is always painful, and it'll stay that way until you finally shift. I have shifted on the AP (astral plane) which is the only reason I know what my fur looks like.
At some point in my life I was part of a Pack, but I am not with them anymore. I'd love to become part of another Pack one day, ya know? Be with people I feel comfortable with. But it's so hard to really find other Therian Wolves.
When I walk around, I feel as if I should be walking on all fours. Running is my favorite thing to do, I can never get enough of it.
TalaWolff TalaWolff
18-21, F
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so am i, you guys can join my pack,

TalaWolf, can you please respond to me? It is very important. I read your post on you almost P-shifted twist. I never knew about this before, until recently. Over a year ago, something really weird happen to me and I thought I was going crazy and didn't understand what was going on. If you respond, I will tell you more about it. Thank you. <br />
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Hi (: <br />
Basically I have nt been awakened yet. Im nt sure what animal spirit I am. Although there was once when I was caught in an extreme situation whrby I felt threathened, I acted rly strangely - I turn around a few times. Like a dog finding her tail while tapping my mum's hand in a pawlike manner. And I cn bark. exactly like a dog. And my sense of smell is way better than an ave human.

I was told by a shifter that us Wolf Therian's CAN'T shift.

Are you...... Do you happen to know a "person" named Yahstah? <br />

im a therian too. im quite young but it feels so right knowing i am a wolf. thing is, i hate having knowbody to talk to about it and being without a pack is really tough. knowbody at my school is a wolf either, and people pick on me because of it. i dont care about them, i just wish i had somebody to talk to about it uno?

We could always make a pack online.

What is a kie for one may be truth for another.....I, too, have shifted......but I do not use a long word to describe it. It simply happened.

I think you need to look up the meaning of therian. It means shifting into the mind of an animal. No one in the world has ever physically shifted, the closest is having feelings. Do us all a favor and stop polluting EP with your lies and write a fantasy novel instead.

We can do all other shifting. But, physical.