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I love to cook and I think I'm a damn good one. I would always watch my Momma and my Granny as I was growing up, the ladies do not measure they go by experience. If it 'looks about right' then that's how much goes into it. It's not a culinary art in my family, it's just cooking for those you love. It's a bit of a stress reliever for me, I'll go in the kitchen and cook something to get my mind off of things that are bothering me. I also bake to show people how much I care for them, I'm not very good sometimes at saying how much you mean to me but I'll bake your favorite cake or cookies letting you know I do.

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I love this because I can relate so much to it. I enjoy cooking for my husband and anyone else I can cook for. I have loved cooking since I was a little girl. It makes it all better when you know they enjoy it.

I can cook some dang good chicken and dumplings

Have you e er work as a cook how many blue tickets did you get

I love been in the kitchen cooking and trying neww recipes and most of all sharing my dishes with people to get there input on my dishes. All alway have heard that a way to a man heart is your good cooking. I love trying new recipes and just keep people happy for the input they give me on my dish. I not for cooking from a box or a can unless i''m running short of time. But i'm from doing every thing from strap like my Mom And Grandma did. I sit amany time watching them baking and cooking many dish.There are many food I can't prepare from recipe I just cook it from just know how. My best gift I give to my self every time I prepare somethings for other just knowing they enjoy it. I have many people I have bake for Doctor , nurse,friends family and many,many more. That what my gifts are to lots of people I know. The only thing that upset me the most is i'm unemployed and can't afford to give to much now. But what little I can I do. And this year I hope people under stand been unemployed is a big,big set back fo me and they understand im unable to this time. Hope for a miracle. sas,flowery branch

You sound just like me. I love to cook and bake and got started at a very early age. I learned a lot of good cooking from both my mother and my southern grandmother. I just haven't mastered the art of that good old southern fried chicken like my grandmother's. My chicken is almost as good as hers but just not quite. <br />
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I also love to bake. I love baking cakes, pies and cookies and all different kinds of breads. At Christmas time the only thing people ever want from me is one of my goodie boxes stuffed full of all different kinds of cookies, candies and breads, especially my persimmon bread. I love being in the kitchen either cooking or baking and I don't even mind all the cleanup work involved.(Although the cleanup is my least favorite part.)

I love baking but I'm messy hate the cleanup........

Yummy! P.S. love your avatar, what a beaut :)

I like baking. Apple pie anyone?

I'm sorry you can't have another meal by your amazing grandmother're right though, nothing says love like a homemade meal

That's a wonderful idea botable! Well done!

I cook as well. Everything. I have written a cookbook of old an new recipes (favorites) i am having it printed to give to the kids. You don't think Santa got that big without my cooking do you? We have now moved on to Southern healthy cooking and yes.... it can be done.

What a sweet loving thing to say lawlover, thank you :)

That's awesome redman :)

I luv to cook also. I wached when I was young and my Mother and Gradfather showed me how and helped...<br />
<br />
I luv it....

Yay! You'll always have a spot in my top friends too...So do I get the biscuits or not? :P haha

You certainly are!!! You have the first spot on my circle and always will Ms. Goldie!

uhh...could you send a couple biscuits my way please? I am your best girlfriend after all. :)

DEAL! Can I put some sausage in the gravy? : P

Chris, that will be what I cook for you and you will consume every ounce of it? deal?

Oh yes, homemade bisquits & gravy. You just made me hungry.

oh "I just eyeball it"...I hear that quite often too. aww haha that's too cute what you used to do, actually getting right up to the bowl.

MMM good ole Suth'n cooking. You can't beat it. I am reading your story and thinking how long it has been since I had real homemade bisquits and gravy. It also makes me think of my grandmother in the kitchen. She would say you need a dash of this and a smidgen of that. My fav thing for her to say was "no need to measure love....just eyeball it." I can remember as a kid getting really close to the bowl to make sure that my eyeball was really close to whatever I was assisting her with and she and my grandfather would laugh. I had no idea what they were laughing about at that early age but I knew it made them happy.


kay...i'll send it. :)

I'm always taking in new recipes, would love it.

awww, hey, you need a recipe for bbq sauce??? I have the one from a very popular restaurant here, award winning for the ribs and's yummy.

Yay! Nice to know I'm not alone in the old school methods.<br />
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My banana nut bread recipe is actually my great grandmother's so I can handle that no problem, it smells so yummy when it's in the oven.<br />
<br />
No bill for you, I don't charge my friends. :)

aaaawww, that is so sweet and old school, Goldie. *sniff*. I feel the same way.<br />
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I'm not a fan of sweets really, but could ya make me a really good banana bread with lots o' nuts and cream cheese icing?? Um, and i loooove homemade macaroni and cheese in the oven like my granny made, old homestyle. Yum.<br />
<br />
Thanky...i'll send ya the bill! ;)