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I make the best cheesy chicken noodle soup ever. It can warm up my coldest days. What makes it the best is the chipolte peppers.
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sure. I use chicken tenders, 32 ounce chicken stock, broad egg noodles, some mixed veggies, 12 pieces of deluxe deli sliced cheese, half cup of milk or cream mixed with heaped tablespoon of corn starch to thicken but dont add until the noodles are softened. I always boil the tenders and then cut them up. I usually have the broth, cheese, and veggies warming up before I add the chicken. When the chicken is added I let it boil then cut the heat down and add the noodles. when they soften then I add the milk and starch mixture. make sure the starch and milk is mixed thoroughly. I also like the hot peppers but some people dont so to use them I add them with in when I start warming up the chicken stock with the other stuff.

That sounds really good! Want to share the recipe?