Keen ...

Well I think I am anyway ... let's say I am enthusiastic and persistent anyway!! lol

It's one of my most favourite things to do in an intimate situation ... I just love it ... and with a partner who is equally keen, it's my number one guaranteed most arousing thing I can do ... mmmm
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well I try ndd ... as I said, I'm keen and persistent.

When my lover and I are apart, kissing is the intimacy I miss the most. <br />
Once again WiB you have gone straight to the core.<br />
With your attitude I know you must be a passionate and arousing kisser!

yes ... but you can teach a willing pupil ... I think it's under-rated too curiousSgt.

yes zajhin ... I have a man who loves it equally ... so I'm lucky<br />
<br />
I can't do without it either roxanne ... it's the best.

kissing is wonderful, i cant do without it.

Amen, sister. Kissing is my all-time favorite thing to do - and though I could do it for hours, my most frequent complaint is that guys don't want to spend ENOUGH time doing it. They kiss me a couple of times and then go for my breasts. If only they realized that the key to getting me revved up for ****** was to thoroughly kiss me senseless ...

Kissing - isn't that when you press your mouths together? I think I remember doing that a long time ago. If they hadn't ruined the goal feature here on EP - I think I'd like to goal this group!

thank you for your vote of confidence cabman!!

I feel the wants of my partner when we kiss, this gaurantees all wants & needs will be satisfied. It's definately soul bonding.

I agree vwhisk!

I think so too southernman, thank you for your comment.

Kissing is a most wonderful and intimate act, it emotes tenderness, passion, and desire all from two sets of lips touching.

yes ... it's a key for me too scottishman!

Kissing is the key to my arousal and have lasting lovemaking :)