It All Depends On Who I'm Kissing!

Right so my first kiss was horrid! I'd only known the guys for like an hour i thought hey im 18 never bin kissed what the heck!
BIG mistake it was all sloppy, wet and just BLAAAH! I had no idea if i was my fault or not... Then i realized it all depends on who your kising and your feelings towards that person. I can honestly say i've realized im an amazng kisser! And i coach my boyfriends & make them good kissers too! My current boyfriend was OK as first but because we have so much love and passion for each other wer BOTH amazing. he didn't even need coaching! ;) Do you guys agree that amazing kissing depends on the feeling towards whoever your kissing? Or is that just me?
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Do your socks fall down inside your shoes when you walk? Hahaha

LOl wtf? how random... though to answer your question only if the socks are too small.

Hahaha how far do they like fall down in your shoes?

can i just say this is quite weird. But once again I'll answer, well today i was wearing ankle socks and the fell just below my heel... why am i even answering this?! ¬¬

Just checked out your stories, It's not so weird now knowing that it's just something your in to lol

Hahaha your cool as ****! And it happened today? Lol how far did they fall down inside your shoes? Haha

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