Sweet Kisses... Xx


Tongues intertwining, lips touching, breath apon breath.. I love it... Passionate and sweet.. I have practiced many a time and have been told that I am an excellent kisser.. I know just when to be soft or to nibble on a lip, or to dive in deeper... My lips are full and were made for kissing....  My specialty... xxxx

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Full lips provide full ex<x>pression, of tenderness when swallowed and kissed. When did you first kiss and which age? Learning to kiss is mutual-isn't it? <br />
When I do, I leave my lips for my partner to taste and feel, till she completes, and then move ahead with a whisper that is silent to say - I enjoyed it full. <br />
Then she gets intoxicated and feel wet more than the saliva did in between the lips and feel this is some thing that my nerves can't take any longer - stop and start some thing different ...

Kissing, if done right, combined with foreplay can lead to the best sex.

Yer true blue and a man of yer word... Thanks for yer honesty... Love it!<br />
<br />
*head down and kicking the dirt* *Thinking and smiling*<br />
I will take you along as long as you can hold on.. I don't wait for anyone.. lol <br />
Now bend over and let me punish you proper... ;)

Could I... Probably just in my mind drats and double drats... Would I ride with the kissing cowgirl if I could? <br />
Errrrr (blushing and remembering my pledge not to lie) <br />
In all honesty... <br />
(head looking at floor) <br />
<br />
Hell yes and without hesitation... <br />
Now spank me for having naughty thoughts..

Ha... The kissing cowgirl... I like that.. It as a ring to it... lol *smiling*... So ya gonna go ridin with me??? ;)

I don't seem to find a lot of time to ride horses though I think they're beautiful animals. But in the case of the kissing cowgirl I would always find the time to ride :)

Ha.... Lmao... Hmmmm<br />
Truly... Blueberry.... I thought we were talkin' bout horses... ;)

((((hugs hugs hugs)))) yeah me ride this cowgirl long long time lol

Ha.... *Blushing* Hmmmm....<br />
You do have a way to make a girls cheeks hot and rosy... ;) (((big hugs)))

Oh and i should have added... "Yes Cali you do have extremely kissable lips." And I might take a guess that you have a lot more kissable areas than your lips :-)

Love me long long time????? Lol Love it... I do agree it is the most erotic thing ever... Muah!!!!

Ah Cali we have something well in common. I love kissing and it's my specialty as well. I think a full on tongues kiss along with hugs and caresses is the most erotic thing ever. I think "Me love you long time!" lol

No problema... :))) Then another for you *Muah!!!* and also a hug... (((hugs)))

and how should I do that???? lol Muah!!!!!

You made a kiss sound so passionate.. Gave me goosebumps.. and thank you... xxx *blushing*

Lol.... Yes I agree practice does make perfect.. But then again there is your natural ability.. That wonderful thing that makes you passionate, that drives yer skill..

CaliGir3 will you practice with me? I want to be perfect, or as close as possible and practice makes perfect.<br />
<br />
So lets practice.

Yes a date..<br />
<br />
Good night... xx

That sounds like we have a date Cali.<br />
<br />
I am off to bed .

Kissing's like ridin' a bike.. You just gotta shake yer nerves and jump back on..<br />
<br />
Ok... Seems we are gonna make a deal... I will teach you, or refresh yer memory, and you can teach me all there is to know bout ranchin'.. Sounds like fun.. I'm an eager learner..

Kissing's like ridin' a bike.. You just gotta shake yer nerves and jump back on..<br />
<br />
Ok... Seems we are gonna make a deal... I will teach you, or refresh yer memory, and you can teach me all there is to know bout ranchin'.. Sounds like fun.. I'm an eager learner..

Well when do I get to learn this new kissing ?<br />
<br />
I have been along now for 2 years and well I might need alot of help to get back into practice with the swing of things.<br />
<br />
I can rope and ride and casturate a calf and break a horse and all that other stuff but kissing is out of practice for me.

Sounds like a deal... :) A pretty fair bargain.. Muah!!! xx

Hmm this is something that I would like to experiance from you Cali.<br />
<br />
Whould you share with me what you learned and I will share what I have learned about ranching all my life.

Hmmm... :) Thanks.. Muah!!! x

Very nice :)

interesting concept i havent come across this type of post yet lol.....i love originality :)......I think for me personally i live for the anticipation feeling (( mostly giving )) of my intended kissing partners reactions ..however i can only do my magic if they know how to draw me in before the actual kiss takes place if you can get me close enough to that point i will as the lovely lyric states "kiss you deadly" ....nice all enjoyed the story and entertaining comments ...got my popcorn right here watching the show lol

*giggling* and out of breath.. I stop and look at you.. I lean in for a kiss... Too taste your lips... Gently at first and then more firmly.. Tongue explring.... sweet

OK, I'm tackled and you are on top of me holding me down. I'm struggling sooooo hard to get away, (LOL! Heh, heh, heh). <br />
<br />
We're both getting a bit hot and sweaty and we're pressed up against each other. Breathing kind of heavy, too, right into each other's faces... <br />
<br />
Funny, we both seem to be smiling.<br />
<br />
Whatcha gunna do with me now that you've got me?

Lol....<br />
Glad I can do that for you... ((hugs))

lol .....you all are quite entertaining to me wow.

Tackles Sara.... Come here girly.... hehe

Any time... any where... (I mean that both ways!)

Lol... You got my girl... hehehe.... Sara you got hit with a kiss.... Now my turn.. lol Muah!!!!

Oh! That was you?

i have been told that my kisses are very passionate. i want to kiss unpredictablyme. <BR><BR>i'm gonna keep on trying.

Maybe he was aiming for one of your girls!

Lol... You missed my mouth... lol Muah!!!

Ok.... Muah!!!!! Muah!!!! xxxxxxx

Lol...<br />
Yes I probably could.... xxxx<br />
Kissing is an art.... Muah!!!!!

xxxx to you then Scout!! Muah!!!

I like your clever quips... :)<br />
Very entertaining... <br />
Songs spring into my mind<br />
at sporatic moments also..<br />
Sometimes makes me giggle.<br />
But to create your own is truly<br />
clever.... xxx

Lol...<br />
Thank you for clarifying that for me..<br />
I needed the edumaction.. lol<br />
<br />
Kissing is one of my fave things to do...<br />
More so than anything else..<br />
<br />
That question is cute... I'd have to answer by <br />
saying "Shut up and kiss me again..."...<br />
That should answer the question..

Hey never said I 'wasnt' a mack-daddie, I'm just a lil' shy on kissing, went through my first 3 real relationships and oddly enough, seldom ever kissed...<br />
...I mean, we'd kiss at heights of passion (and other stuff we tended to NOT do unless the passion would overwhelm us) and such...but subtle erotic smooching and such was out; so I feel like I'm a lil' "stunted" in my kissing potential; so much so that I do the dweebish "did I kiss okay?" sometimes still.

Sara.... This sounds strangely familiar.... hmm Let me go do some research and I'll get back to you with my thoughts.... ((big kisses)) to my girly friend... Muah!!!!

Kisses... slow and passionate, fast and flirty, fairly dry and sopping wet -- I love them all! And I'm good with both sets of lips on women ;-)

Here I was thinking you were this Mack of all daddies... lol xxx ;)

damn...okay okay, you called my bluff, I'm a shy kisser *blush*

Kissing is awesome... I beleive it to be one of the most pure and sensual gestures.. You can tell alot through a kiss..

i love kissing too!

Come here..<br />
If I have to prove myself, I will..<br />
*wiggles finger*

Your specialty, eh?<br />
I choose to disbelieve until proven otherwise!!<br />
*taps toe waiting* >;p

Sounds very perty... lol... xoxox<br />
Funny our convo inspired a song to come to<br />
mind... :) xxx

That is beautiful...<br />
Did you write that?<br />
Thank you so much<br />
for sharing that with<br />
me... :) xxx

Lol... funny... xxxx<br />
Let me know when you find it..

Yes... very much so..<br />
The practicing makes perfection...<br />
Practicing is the live performance.. lol

What a question you posed... lol <br />
Perfoming the art of course... ;)

:) awww... You're such a sweetheart... :x

xxxx for you then Robyn... :)