It's True

Most of the times I get really confused when it comes to expressing my opinion or feelings about certain subject.

I listen, i feel their pain/happiness but find it difficult to show it at times. I might spend whole night thinking about the things they have shared with me, however when they expect you to say something I just go blank or come up with something that I didn't mean to say.


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4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

You could write a third person story , partly fictitious, partly autobiographical. :-}

EP is a good place to share your feelings,<br />
<br />
Try writing stories here,

You should try writing them a letter. :] If they're still having problems with the same issue.

I normally go blank when someone tells me some important thing in their life in person. I'm much better at coming up with something useful online because I get more time to think about it and the chance to backspace! You ever get that? A well thought out letter might be a better way to get out some useful tips for your friends situations.