Im the Agony Aunt Everywhere!

I am a auntie to 9 so my listening skills have come in very handy more times than one!

My family n friends have all classed me as the agony aunt n always come to me as they know i will losten to everything they are saying n give advice n wont tell anybody else!

My niece came to me first when she found out she was pregnant n i was the first person she told when she thought she was pregnant for the 2nd time!!! (she wasnt) but she knows i dont get mad i just let her talk n i listen to everything she says!

Even when i was oon holiday all the guys i made friends with came upto me n told me there love life problems n everyday problems with people etc as they could tell i would just listen n not judge etc!!!

It is so honouring to have all these people come to me n trust me to listen etc but who do i turn to when i need someone to listen to my problems!!!

This website thats who!!! =-)
sazead sazead
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 13, 2007

I know what you mean, im nt exactly like you but it is gr8 to actualli find sum1 who is willingly able to listen to everyone else's problems, i hve one but i dnt think you shud deal with it, you have come on here to express and post ur own problems n im jus gunna saii, if ya need sum1 to tlk to u can tlk to me ok. bye.

Lol, we are willing to listen. You are like a free therapist, lol.